To reach the town of Cuzamá, from MéridaYou can take the road towards Acanceh and from there continue towards Cuzamá. Upon arrival, you must board a pedicab that will take you to the Chunkanán hacienda (approximately 4 km). At this point it is necessary to board a“truck” which is a rudimentary train car pulled by a horse, which had the function of transporting the henequen.

The trucks will take you to different cenotes, the route is approximately 8 km, on roads full of weeds that give the feeling of an adventure and will also allow you to observe different species of birds and animals in the region.

The region where the population of Cuzamá is located is classified as warm semi-dry with an average annual temperature of 26.3 ° C. With rain during the summer, in mid-summer there are the so-called periods of drought.
The main cenotes in this area are: >Chelentún, Chak-Zinik-Ché y Bolom-Chojol.

Cenote De Chelentún

It is considered among the three cenotes as the easiest to access, and for training according to several instructors. Upon entering you will go down some stairs made of cement and the railing made of railroad rails that facilitates access to the surface of the cavern and you will be able to appreciate the crystal clear waters, which has space to submerge to rest in its tranquility and freshness. In addition to the above, do not lose sight of the back of the cave, you can see an ancient stone figure in the shape of an arch. It has a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet), with a temperature of 26 °C and visibility of 50 meters.

Cenotes at Cuzama, Cenotes in Yucatan

It also has two caves, the first on the right side that descends to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet), the other is located at the bottom on the right side that begins with a minor restriction, but increases to a restriction larger, this is more than 100 meters and reaches a depth of 40 meters (130 feet), so try to dive with caution since when entering there will be good visibility, but when exiting it will be a couple of meters, modifying kick and equipment.

Cenote Chak-Zinik-Ché

“Home of the Red Ant”, this is the second cenote of Cuzamá. At the entrance you will find a hole in the floor and attached to the wall a wooden ladder, on which you will descend 10 meters. When you enter you will admire the impressive stalactite formations that are on the ceiling of the cavern, as well as the roots that the trees drop into the water that is a little darker having a depth of 40 meters (130 feet) and inside A T exits from the cave towards other interior caves that reach a depth of 76 meters (250 feet), the temperature is 27 ° C and visibility is 50 meters. In this there is a chimney that leads to a small chamber with air and stalactites. There you can feel infinite peace and tranquility and enjoy the freshness of its water.

Cenote Bolom-Chojol

It means “Nine Mouse Holes” Its name refers to the nine light entrances into its interior, which shows at certain times of the day that the water is completely transparent, this is the third cenote on the Cuzamá route. , which is located near the town of Chinkila. The entrance to the cave is made by descending a metal staircase formed by the rails of the truck, but if you do not want to go down stairs you can join all the spontaneous divers who jump from 10 meters high. Upon arriving at the bottom you will find a pool with crystal clear turquoise blue water that covers the bottom of the chamber, which can be seen from a platform made of wood 35 meters in diameter with a depth of 12 meters with a temperature of 27 °C and has a visibility of 50 meters, if you want to dive you can go down the slope that forms a small island in the center of the pool, you will also find an entrance to a 2-level cave, the first level is at a depth of 27 meters (80 feet) and half of it is the entrance to the second level which has a greater restriction with a depth of 40 meters (130 feet). This cenote is perfect for taking advertising photos to make tourist promotions for the state.

Photos of the Cuzama Cenotes

Cenotes at Cuzama, Cenotes in Yucatan
Cenotes at Cuzama, Cenotes in Yucatan Cenotes at Cuzama, Cenotes in Yucatan

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