Explorando Cenotes

Throughout the State of Yucatan there are numbers of Cenotes or in their Mayan name ts'ono'ot which means cave with water, all with different sizes, shapes and depths, however they coincide in their natural beauty, their fresh crystalline waters and their permanence over the years.

The cenotes were used by the Mayan civilization as a vital resource for their survival, but also as sacred and sacrificial places in which it is believed that they threw dressed maidens with fine clothes and jewelry in order to please the gods. There are several types of cenotes: open-air, semi-open and underground or in a grotto.

This classification is made in reference to the age of the cenote, mature cenotes being those that are completely open and the youngest ones being those that keep their dome intact. It has not been possible to completely count all the cenotes because they are located among the large expanse of mountains, making the calculation more difficult, thanks to the fact that some are exploited as tourist sites, it is believed that there are between 2,400 to 8,000, there is a whole program to inventorying them, preserving them and giving them access to all who enjoy visiting these magnificent places.

Explore The Cenotes

Although there is no exact number, it is estimated that there are more than 5 thousand cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, these wonderful places of fresh water were sacred sites for the Mayans, they believed they were the entrance to Xibalba (Underworld), Some of them preserve inside the ancient offerings that were offered to their gods, today you can dive or snorkel, but it is recommended to take certain precautions since they have currents, so it is necessary to wear a life jacket and if you are going to dive It is essential to have the services of a certified guide.