Today I am going to reveal a secret to you, where you will live an adventure in the Mayan jungle, an unmatched, unique and different experience. Where every detail has been meticulously cared for so that your experience is sensational, exciting and unforgettable.

The 7 Cenotes San Gerónimo, Cenotes Yucatan

This site is not a tourist stop open to the public, nor is it just about visiting and swimming in the cenotes, it is an entire experience for groups that have previously booked and each experience is completely personalized according to the needs of each client.

First we will go to the town of Sotuta located one hour and 20 minutes from Mérida on the free highway to Cancún, in the main park almost in front of the entrance to the church we will be greeted by our hosts who will take us to the outskirts of the town in the facilities of an old cattle ranch.

Upon arrival, the safety and health protocols will be followed, our specialized guide will be introduced to us and he will give us an explanation of the activity and the 2 cenotes that we will visit during our tour, it is worth mentioning that there is a table served with coffee and water purified available for the entire day.

Once everyone is ready, they will provide us with a bicycle, with a helmet to begin our journey along a paved path of approximately 1 km until we reach an open or semi-open cenote, called Cenote Péepen Chóoj(Blue Butterfly) this is due to the incredible blue tones of the water, it has a depth of 30 to 60 meters, to descend to the reflecting pool you have to go down some wooden stairs approximately 13.5 meters .

Sañtp de Nachi Cocom, Los 7 Cenotes

Here you can perform the Nachi Cocom Jump (Señor de Sotuta) where, using a platform and with the appropriate equipment, we can make a jump of about 18 meters until we reach the water. (Additional Cost).

We will have free time to swim in the crystalline blue waters of the cenote and observe some birds of the region such as the famous toh bird, woodpecker, cardinals, etc., also on some occasions you can look at the “tracks” that snakes leave when they shed their skin, in the capricious formations of the rocks.

When we leave, we will return by bicycle to the starting point and while we prepare for the second experience we will be able to enjoy some delicious fruits that have been prepared to recover our strength from the bike ride and swim.

Cenote Mariposa Azul, Los 7 Cenotes

The second one we will visit is called Cenote Sujuy (Virgin) which is a cavern type to descend to it we will have to go down some stone and wooden stairs, the journey into the water is done in total darkness, here is a prepared experience that we will not be able to describe since it would lose its charm, but we are sure that it will fascinate you, since it is an unimaginable but totally charming and sublime experience.

Cenote Péeén Chooj, Los 7 Cenotes

At the end of the second tour you will be waiting for a delicious Yucatecan meal prepared in a traditional way and served with snacks, handmade tortillas and dessert.

Afterwards we will visit the impressive Mayan ceiba tree, about 300 years old, where our guide will give us an explanation of the symbol of the 7 San Gerónimo cenotes and its relationship with the town of Sotuta and we will share with our companions our vision and experience of this adventure.



  • Adult: $194 USD
  • Minors: $114 USD (8 to 12 years)


  • Adult: $2,300 MXN
  • Minors: $1,399 MXN (8 to 12 years)

VIP Service

A minimum of 4 people is required (the same price applies for adults or children) and a visit to 2 cenotes is included, each with a personalized experience.


  • Adult and/or childs: $241 USD p/p


  • Adults and/or childs: $3,950 MXN p/p