It is located just 30 minutes from the city of  Méridain the town of Mucuyché, Abalá. This beautiful cenote has the name Yaal utzil, which has a depth of 19 meters and is completely open, to be able to touch its refreshing waters you have to go down approximately 5 meters.

Near the entrance to Mucuyché, you will have to turn a corner to your left before reaching the curve and advance just a few meters, you will find a house that is in the background, there is the manager of thecenotethat will welcome you and open the doors so you can go down and admire the natural beauty of its crystalline waters.

Cenote Yaal Utzil en Mucuyche, Cenotes Yucatan

It is surrounded by nature, the sun passes through the trees and creates a beautiful natural picture, which allows you to see the blue color of its crystalline and fresh waters, when you go down you will reach a platform where you will be able to settle To continue descending and enter directly into the fresh water, this cenote does not have ropes or any space to rest so you immediately come into contact with the water, but if you do not know how to swim, it is recommended to wear vests.

You will be shocked by the beauty of its interior while you are swimming, snorkeling or diving, since you breathe tranquility, it is magical and you will be trapped and no longer want to leave.

Photos fo the Cenote Yaal Utzil

Cenote Yaal Utzil en Mucuyche, Cenotes Yucatan
Cenote Yaal Utzil en Mucuyche, Cenotes Yucatan Cenote Yaal Utzil en Mucuyche, Cenotes Yucatan

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How to get to the Cenote Yaal Utzil?