It is located on the highway MéridaValladolid 3 kilometers before reaching Valladolid. It is called Cenote even in times of drought, so one day they decided to follow the little pig and he led them to a cave, but when they entered they realized that it was not a cave but rather a cenote, so This is known as the Cenote X'kekén which in Mayan means “Pig”.

Cenote X'keken at Valladolid

When you enter you will realize that it is a narrow hole, it is because it is an underground cavern, but when you arrive you will be dazzled by the natural beauty. Thiscenotehas 3 entrances, railings on the edges, and also steps made of stone that are located in front of the cenote, there you can rest and observe the splendid view, also if you want to get into the water to cool off and need vests can be rented there.

Being at the entrance of the cenote you will see a stone where you can stand and take a souvenir photo. If you look between the stairs and the stone there is a small pool for the children to enjoy. refreshing waters and look at the fish, leaving them with a nice memory. You will also notice a large white formation that will impress you and you can reach it by swimming in its crystalline waters of great depth, this makes it a great adventure, if you get tired you can lean on the ropes that are along it and enjoy the majestic formations.

It is open to the public from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Come and enjoy the crystal clear and refreshing waters of the Cenote X´kekén.

Cenote X'keken at Valladolid

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