This cenote is located at the exit of Mucuyché in Abalá, near a school on the road on the left, you will find a tree where there is a small sign that will indicate that you must enter through that dirt road to find the cenote. .

You will continue advancing along that dirt road for approximately a kilometer and a half, where you will only be able to observe the amount that surrounds the road while you will feel the vibrations of the vehicle as it advances along the road, there is no doubt that it is the beginning of an adventure. It is phenomenal because you feel like you are going back to the past, going back to the time of our ancestors, because of how it is formed, because you imagine how the ancient Mayans settled around this cenote and enjoyed the benefits of its fresh waters.

The entrance to this beautiful cenote is a cave that shelters shallow, crystalline, and very cool waters that immediately invite you to enjoy them. When you go down the stairs made of stone you will have a little Be careful as they get wet, the water is completely crystal clear, allowing you to see its interior. While you enjoy the fresh water, you will see a rock that marks the beginning of the cave where many divers visit. You will spend a splendid and pleasant day in this majestic place that will undoubtedly leave you with many memories.

Pictures of the Cenote Chi Huo Hol

Cenote Chihuan en Holca, Cenotes Yucatan
Cenote Chihuan en Holca, Cenotes Yucatan Cenote Chihuan en Holca, Cenotes Yucatan