In the municipality of Yaxcabá, just 15 kilometers west of Chichén Itzá is the Cenote Yakzonot, this place was enabled thanks to the fact that the community organized and formed a cooperative to have a new source of income.< /p>

Although the cenote is located within the town, they have preserved the place as if you were inside the Mayan jungle, since it is surrounded by trees and plants, its roads are dirt and the railings are made of wood, making it the environment is completely natural.

It has all the amenities such as showers, bathrooms, parking, craft store, rest spaces, a small restaurant serving traditional Yucatecan food, a swimming pool, camping area, additionally due to the structural conditions of the cenote you can rappel to descend or if you prefer, travel through a zip line.

Cenote Yokdzonot Yucatan, Cenotes Yucatan

The cenote measures a diameter of approximately 40 meters, it is open, but it is not at ground level but rather at a depth of 35 meters, so it is completely surrounded by stone walls and plants. To descend to its fresh green waters you will have to go down some wooden stairs, be very careful and hold on to the railings since when they are wet they become a little slippery.

At the end, a platform welcomes you with two stairs arranged so that you can access its crystalline green waters, the depth is not known since even the divers who have explored its interior did not manage to reach the bottom, so It is important that you have your life jacket on at all times.

Cenote Yokdzonot Yucatan, Cenotes Yucatan

As it is completely open, the stone formations, the plants that drop their roots and the fluttering of the birds that find refuge in this place, create a super atmosphere that invites you to explore it completely.

As if that were not enough, for those who love to explore, they rent you some bicycles right here so you can enjoy the entire place at your own pace and complete the experience in its entirety. If you don't have a life jacket, don't worry, you can rent them without any problem.
This is another option if you are visiting Chichen Itza and want to end your adventure visiting a cenote.

How to get to the Cenote Yokdzonot?