The town of Homún is famous for its great variety of cenotes, which as time goes by, the most recognized ones have been modernized and converted into inns, with broader services and more modern infrastructure. However, every day new virgin cenotes emerge that They open to the public and this is the case of the Maní Chan cenote.

It is a cave with a very large cenote and full of surprises that you cannot appreciate with the naked eye, but as you advance your guides will highlight each of its beautiful details.

Cenote Maní Chan en Homún Yucatan

Upon entering on the left side you can see a small opening that is a cave, in which there are some stone inlays very well stacked as a wall that were surely placed by its ancient inhabitants who found their home in this place. It is possible to access this cave, going down very carefully and lowering your head, you will be amazed to see its vault full of stalactites that constantly chatter, some walls are full of sea shells, something that is also unusual to see in a cenote. It has shallow water in which you can soak your feet and sit and enjoy the formations that the mineralized water forms all over the place.

Cenote Maní Chan en Homún Yucatan

Following the entrance path we will see more clearly a clay bank that is very strange to find in the cenotes, but nevertheless here it is possible to obtain it, which is used for beauty facials and body exfoliation, however, also It is used to create utensils such as vessels, which have been found in this place and have been placed so that you can admire them.

When we turn around we can see a colonnade that is the union of a stalagmite with a stalactite on the right side and on the left side we can see a large stone that names this wonderful place Maní Chan which means “Small Steps” and this is because this stone has small steps that are believed to have been the main entrance to reach the sweet waters of the cenote and were used by its ancient inhabitants.

Cenote Maní Chan en Homún Yucatan

At first glance the contrast of colors of the rocks in orange tones that surround the crystal clear emerald green water is very striking, it simply leaves you stunned and with a great feeling of how wonderful nature is. It has a depth of 15 meters and contains a cave in which divers can travel a kilometer and a half, in addition to having a small cave that at the moment is not possible to access due to the high water level due to the recent rainy season. . Another detail to highlight is that its waters are warm unlike other cenotes, when entering to swim in it it is so unreal to see the interior so clearly giving you the feeling of being floating.

If you want to have a panoramic view of the place you can climb the small steps and look into a hole from above and appreciate its beauty in all its splendor.

As the Cenote Maní Chan is still beginning, it does not have all the comforts, but it does have the attention and commitment of its guides so that you have pleasant moments. Very few places offer the service of camping and spending a night surrounded by nature and having a spectacular view of the stars, here it is possible to do it.

Access is $100 pesos per person.
  • Includes access to 2 Cenotes (Mani Chan and Cleotilde)
  • The package with food included is $200 pesos per person
  • Swimming time is unlimited
  • Includes Vests
  • Palapas
  • Gardens
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking
  • You can also tour it by ATV with prior reservation.

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