The Kikil cenote is located just 10 minutes from the city of Tizimin, it is a very old cenote that was occupied by the Mayan people who gave it its name, which means "Place where the Kíikche tree abounds." p>

For a long time it remained in its natural state, until not long ago they organized to clean it and enable it so that those who came to see it could enjoy its fresh waters.

This cenote is open, the tone of its waters is green, with a diameter of 40 meters, about 6 meters from the surface until it touches the water mirror and with a depth of 55 meters, to descend you will have to go down some wooden stairs until you reach a platform, where you can admire the beautiful landscape, then there are stairs that will allow you to enter its fresh waters.

Cenote Kikil, Parador Turístico Cenote Kikil, Cenotes Tizimin

The cenote measures a diameter of approximately 40 meters, it is open, but it is not at ground level but rather at a depth of 35 meters, so it is completely surrounded by stone walls and plants. To descend to its fresh green waters you will have to go down some wooden stairs, be very careful and hold on to the railings since when they are wet they become a little slippery.

At the end, a platform welcomes you with two stairs arranged so that you can access its crystalline green waters, the depth is not known since even the divers who have explored its interior did not manage to reach the bottom, so It is important that you have your life jacket on at all times.

Cenote Kikil, Parador Turístico Cenote Kikil, Cenotes Tizimin

In addition, it has everything you need for you to spend an incredible day in this place, such as a large parking lot, garden area, showers, toilets, cabins for those who want to spend the night in this place, swimming pool, crafts and a restaurant with a extensive menu of traditional Yucatecan comfortable.

It is located at Km 4.5 Tizimín-Río Lagartos Highway.

How to get to Cenote Kikil?