This is a cenote located in the town of Homún recently opened to the public, it is located at 3700 meters off the road almost at the entrance of the town.

It is located within a property that once functioned as a cattle ranch, so you can see some buildings, but they are not enabled for use.

A large Alamo surrounded by masonry as a border guards the entrance to this open cenote, through which you will descend using wooden stairs with great care. Upon arrival they have built a platform with benches for your comfort and it is worth noting that in the middle there is find a well that adorns the place.

Cenote Cleotilde en Homún Yucatan
Cenote Cleotilde en Homún Yucatan

It is beautiful, it is surrounded by formations of stalactites and colonnades, the roots of the Alamo hang from above until they touch the water, its branches are reflected in the surface of the water giving a touch of mysticism to the place.

When the sun enters through the hole you can appreciate the clarity of the water, the duality of the blue and green tones, discover its interior full of stones at a depth of 35 meters, where you can dive while you cool off and You have fun times in the hot season. It has a platform with stairs for the less adventurous, who can sit on the shore to soak their legs and marvel at the view of the place.

Video of the Cenote Cleotilde

  • Access is $100 pesos per person.
  • Includes access to 2 Cenotes (Mani Chan and Cleotilde)
  • The package with food included is $200 pesos per person
  • Swimming time is unlimited
  • Includes Vests
  • Palapas
  • Gardens
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking
  • You can also tour it by ATV with prior reservation.

Location Map

To get to Cenote Cleotilde you need to first get to Cenote Mani Chan, so that the guides can take you to the cenote.

Contact information.

Cel: 9994204852

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