This magnificent cenote is located in Homún among the Mayan jungle at about 3700 meters, leaving the road before reaching the town, it does not yet have signage, but it is the same direction in which you would go to the Maní Chan Cenote.

The entrance to this cenote is very clearly marked since they have placed masonry walls around a beautiful Alamo that welcomes you. To access you will have to descend through a hole and go down some wooden stairs that take you both to an esplanade to dive and have a wide view of the place, and to a platform to access the fresh waters of the place.Cenote Cleotilde en Homún Yucatan

Its walls are completely white with stalactites hanging from its surroundings and from the ceiling, its crystal-clear green waters let you see the depth and small black catfish that roam around the place, standing out from the entire environment.< br> It is very fun to dive from its platform and at the same time enjoy the unparalleled view of the place.


Cenote Cleotilde en Homún Yucatan
Cenote Cleotilde en Homún Yucatan

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  • Access is $50 pesos per person.
  • Tour of 3 cenotes $380 pesos per person, you can tour it by bicycle, motorcycle taxi, or in your own vehicle.
  • You can also tour it by ATV with prior reservation.

Contact information.

Cel: 9994204852

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