The town of Cuzamá is well known for having beautiful cenotes, which is why the Parador Los 3 Cenotes de Cuzamá offers you an incredible adventure.

The large space where the parador is located was years ago a huge henequen cultivation field, the rails that at that time were used to transport the henequen stalks and the roads that lead to the cenotes, were routes drawn by the peasants from that time, which continue to function to this day. Due to this, the cenotes functioned as water access points for the work that was carried out, but today thanks to the efforts of the cooperative group that cleaned and enabled the cenotes so that they can visit them and enjoy their fresh waters.

Ruta Los 3 Cenotes de Cuzamá, Cenotes Yucatan

As is already well known, the adventure begins by taking a truck, which are carts that are pulled by horses, their capacity is a maximum of 4 people, the connection between the driver and the horse is wonderful, together they explain to us the care we must take while we advance, we will enter the Mayan jungle for a route of approximately 10 kilometers.

Cenote Chan Ucil

Cenote Chan Ucil, Cenotes de Cuzamá, Cenotes Yucatan

We will advance little by little until we reach the Chan Ucil cenote which means Mosco Pequeno, it is a cavern type with a depth of 15 meters, its entrance is guarded by a huge Alamo that with the passage of time roots have also become trees which make it unique, in the middle of them there is a small hole with metal stairs that take you to the grotto first, it is simply a spectacle to admire, stalactites, stalagmites and colonnades so close, all those formations They take you to a small cenote nestled in a canal surrounded by huge stones, with crystal clear waters in blue tones, it is beautiful to look at and very relaxing to spend time in this place.

Cenote Chac Sinic Che

Cenote Chac Sinic Che, Cenotes de Cuzamá, Cenotes Yucatan

Cenote Chac Sinic Che, which in Spanish means Red Wood Ant, the cenote is semi-open and has a depth of 27 meters, a huge Poplar is located at the mouth of the entrance, where The roots fall into the water. You will go down some metal stairs that you can immediately see the enormous cavern, there is a platform with some stairs where you can cool off in its fresh waters of blue tones and completely crystalline, so much so that you can see logs and stones at the bottom.

Cenote Bolonchojool

Cenote Bolonchojool, Cenotes de Cuzamá, Cenotes Yucatan

Finally, the cenote that we will visit is the Bolonchojool which means 9 Mouse Holes, this is a cavern type cenote with a depth of 35 meters deep and is ideal for diving. We will descend some metal stairs through a somewhat narrow hole, but suddenly it opens and allows us to marvel at the beautiful stalactites that hang all over the ceiling and in which many bats and birds find a home in them, in the On the roof you can see the 9 holes through which the sun's rays enter and leave. You can see the roots of the Alamos sliding down the walls that touch the water, those refreshing, crystalline waters in green tones, it is wonderful to enjoy this place.

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