It is located just five minutes west of Tulum, on Highway 307, you can also get there by going to the entrance of Cenote Cristal. Known in 1970 as Azul Maya, it was named after the first diver who entered the cenote, he was an American Hilario Hiler, who became Mayan when he moved to the cenote. >Yucatan Peninsula during the late 1960s.

To get to thecenoteyou can go on foot or drive one kilometer through the jungle, while doing the tour you can enjoy the jungle fauna, the exotic trees and the family of spider monkeys that revolve around the trees. Upon entering you will realize that it is a large, deep pool where you can swim and cool off, it has stone cliffs of about 2 to 4 meters. They can bring your snorkeling equipment so you can see the fish, freshwater turtles and reach the underwater caves.

Cenote Escondido Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan

There are also two platforms made of wood so you can enter the water with confidence, you can sunbathe, a palapa to rest, it is ideal for parties or picnics and also underwater tunnels for divers who love the adventure.

When you are visiting, take some time to talk to people as Tulum many stories abound about the magical jungle.

Entry fee: $4 USD


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Cenote Escondido Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan
Cenote Escondido Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan Cenote Escondido Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan

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How to get to Cenote Escondido?