Located just 5 minutes from Tulum, this impressive cenote is just 100 meters from the road.

When you arrive at the place you can park your vehicle under the shade of the trees, right in front there is a cave that controls visitors and where you will buy access to it and to the Cenote Escondido which is opposite, across the road.

A white dirt road will take you to an area with changing tables, bathrooms and tables where you can change and leave your things.

It is an open cenote, with a diameter of 40 meters, with a depth of approximately 15 meters, which is surrounded by vegetation, its crystal-clear waters of green tones, and the singing of birds, create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace that you will enjoy very much.

Cenote Cristal Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan

It has 3 entrances to cool off in its fresh waters, its wooden stairs guide you to shallow places so that little by little you get used to it and manage to enter the depths. In addition to having ropes that cover its surface from side to side, in case you need to rest for a moment before continuing your journey.

In the deepest part a platform was built, so that the most intrepid can

As its waters are crystal clear, you can easily appreciate the fish that swirl at your feet, appreciate the vegetation that grows from the bottom and grows in search of the surface, fallen trunks, branches and endless things you will find in its interior.

Some divers come to this place to practice, teach or simply explore the secrets that lie deep within this beautiful cenote.

Photos of the Cenote Cristal

Cenote Cristal Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan
Cenote Cristal Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan Cenote Cristal Tulum, Cenotes Yucatan

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