The Verde Lucero cenote is located on the Cenote Route at kilometer 17 of the Puerto Morelos – Leona Vicario highway. A few meters from the road through the jungle is the Cenote Verde Lucero, it is an open cenote in which the water is 7 meters deep. It is completely surrounded by vegetation, to be able to descend to its crystal clear waters of blue and green tones, they have placed a wooden staircase that leads you to a rest area with plastic chairs so you can leave your things or enjoy the view of the place, as you continue descending it will take you to a wooden platform where you can enter to cool off or sit down to soak your legs.

Verde Lucero is distinguished from other cenotes by having vegetation that is planted at the bottom and grows forming curtains of leaves, but without coming to the surface, which gives it those incredible green tones combined with the blue ones when the sun illuminates the water. This part of the Cenote is full of oxygen and although it is very striking, we ask you not to damage it, since it is the home of the fish and helps keep the water healthy.

Cenote Verde Lucero en Puerto Morelos, Cenotes Yucatan

On the surface, two spaces have been set up for the most intrepid, a platform to jump off and take a big jump to land in its cool waters and on the other side there is a zip line in which you can travel half of the cenote and let go for a big dip. Without a doubt you will have very fun moments and enjoy the place.

It has the following services:

  • Parking
  • Bathrooms
  • Palapas and rest areas
  • Shop in case you want to eat a snack.
  • Life Jacket Rental
  • Zipline


  • Wear a Swimsuit
  • Do not use sunscreen, tanners or creams as they can contaminate the cenote water.
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Bring an aquatic camera

Photos of the Cenote Verde Lucero

Cenote Verde Lucero en Puerto Morelos, Cenotes Yucatan
Cenote Verde Lucero en Puerto Morelos, Cenotes Yucatan Cenote Verde Lucero en Puerto Morelos, Cenotes Yucatan

How to get to the Cenote Verde Lucero