It is very famous since several divers have been accredited with cave diving certification. To access the cenote you go down a flight of stairs. When you arrive you will notice that the water is a large hill of sediments and rocks in the center. , which has a depth of 3 meters, at water level.

Being inside you can look up and with your imagination see the “skull”, the midday light passes through holes in the ceiling that creates an effect of two eyes and a mouth . On the sides you can rest, meditate and enjoy the fresh spring water, in addition to observing various fish.

For certified divers you can enjoy four separate entrances to the continuous flow of underground rivers, with a depth of 19 meters, you can pass through three layers of “Halocline” (describes the mixture of fresh water and salty) separated, where the first at a depth of 10 meters and each one allows you to see the stalactites and stalagmites. It is worth mentioning that salt water does not mix with fresher water instead it creates a layer that does not look like water and oil, the word to describe this is “Xel Ha” which means mixing of the waters, this creates a fabulous experience as if you were on another planet. In addition to diving and taking a relaxing bath, you can bring food for a picnic.

It is located just 2 km from the Archaeological Zone of Tulum along the road to Cobá.

how to get to the Cenote Calavera?